Cheap Oil Burners, Oil Warmers, Tealight Oil Burners

Cheap Oil Burners, Oil Warmers, Tealight Oil Burners

Buy a tealight holder today, create a wonderful display and fill your home with wonderful fragrance. Beautiful tealight oil burners turn the tiny tealight candle into a big home accent.

Our Oil Burners come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, colors and decor themes. Animal oil burners, flower oil burners, dolphin oil burners, medievil oil burners, elegant oil warmers...all kinds of oil burners and tealight oil burners. We even have a beaded style, stained glass style, all kinds of metal tealight candleholders and a t-lite holder that is designed to float on water!

Oil Lamps are also a typle of Oil burner. Oil lamps have been a decorating staple for centuries. We have a variety of styles and sizes including one that floats, one that fits into a taper holder, and one that fits into a votive cup.

Electric oil warmers are also a popular oil burner item because they have an added safety factor with there being no naked flame. Check out our electric oil burners, too.

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