LED LIGHTED BRANCHES - Centerpiece Decorations

LED Lighted Branches Stems - Centerpiece Decorations with Buds Flowers Beads. 

Now here's a great centerpiece idea! Actually heaps of new centerpiece ideas!

Our new long life battery operated LED Shapeable Lighted Stems will help you brighten and embellish any corner of your home. The small battery pack fits into most vases so it stays out of sight. The decorating opportunities are endless!

These gorgeous LED Lighted Stems will increase your ideas for centerpieces. Create stunning decorations table displays for foyer areas.  Make spectacular centerpieces for tables.  They are a perfect dining table centerpiece on their own, with other lavish embellishments or even amidst a bunch of flowers.  Create centerpiece arrangements that will wow your guests!

LED Lighted tems are perfect for Fall centerpieces especially Fall wedding centerpieces....the romantic glow without a flame to worry about.  And then when you are wondering how to make an original Christmas centerpiece, use your LED lighted branches for the most gorgeous Christmas centerpieces ever! You can make small Christmas table decorations or the most spectacular Christmas centerpiece you can fit on the table.  LED Lighted stems will add designer touch to your table centerpieces.

Choose from LED Lighted Stems that already look like a bunch of flowers, LED branches with tiny buds, LED Stems with larger LED Lights that look like pussy willows, black silver and white beaded branches and more!  So much fun for your decorating this year!



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