Holiday Centerpieces Using Lanterns

Holiday Centerpieces Using Lanterns

Do not pack away your patio lanterns yet!

Use Patio Lanterns Indoors to Make a Christmas Table Centerpiece. We have a bunch of patio lanterns for you but you can use your own and modify these fabulous Holiday table centerpieces using metal lanterns.

The following centerpieces use white and cream metal lanterns, a black metal lantern, and a gorgeous Victorian lantern. Give your candle decor a decorators touch.

We have a great range of discount candles too! Scented candles, scented jar candles, pillar candles and a good selection of battery candles, electric candles and LED candles which are perfect for your candle table centerpieces this Fall and Holiday season.

Use a Pedestal metal lantern to Make a Christmas Table Centerpiece  Curvey top modern lantern & Snowman to make a Christmas table centerpiece  Tall White Victorian Lantern to Make Holiday Table Centerpieces

Cream metal Lantern and Ceramic Christmas tree table centerpiece


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