Flameless Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Flameless Candle Centerpiece Ideas

There is a range of flameless candles called "Warming Scents" used in Christmas Centerpieces fabulous for a foyer, mantlepiece or side table.

Warming ScentsTM is a fabulous flameless fragrance specifically designed to be used with electric warmers. Unlike traditional jar candles they require no flame and instantly release their fragrance into your home. Warming scentsTM come a wide variety of fragrances and colors and last twice as long as ordinary jar candles.

And now for some great ideas on using these flameless candle scents in fabulous Christmas table centerpieces.

Firstly here are a couple of Cute Snowman Scented Flameless Candle Centerpieces.  These gorgeous pieces are great on the own or used as a much larger more elaborate display as seen further down.  The first uses a red Cinnamon apple flameless candle and the second uses a green Northwoods scented flameless candle.

Simple to elaborate Flameless Candle Scents Christmas Centerpieces.  The beautiful angel Christmas centerpiece(3rd from left) in neutral tones has one of the most popular flameless candle scents.  It would look fabulous on a side table, in a foyer or two of them on either side of your mantlepiece. 

Maybe you'd like the Shimmering Gold and Copper Scented Candle Table Centerpiece.

Snowman Flameless Candle Scented Christmas Table Centerpiece Snowman Flameless Scented Candle Centerpiece angel flameless candle scented candle table centerpiece
Flameless Candle Centerpiece 1 Flameless Candle Centerpiece 2 Flameless Candle Centerpiece 3
Gold and Copper Flameless Candle Centerpiece Scented    
Flameless Candle Centerpiece 4 Flameless Candle Centerpiece 5 Flameless Candle Centerpiece 6













































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