Gold/Silver Pillar Candles

Gold and Silver Pillar Candles

A pillar candle is a staple in home fashion and fragrance.

Gold Pillar Candles

Gold is a versatile, warm color that can be both bright and cheerful as well as solemn and traditional. It is also the color of riches and extravagance, wealth and prosperity.
Add some glamour to your holiday decorating with unscented gold metallic pillar candles. Create a gorgeous centerpiece by arranging gold pillar candles of different heights on a decorative mirror. Sprinkle clear or gold crystals around the candles and you've instantly created a spectacular display. For a very rich even royal display, team a gold pillar candle to burgundy red or purple.
A gold pillar candle adds a classy edge to the oranges and browns in your Thanksgiving décor.

Gold Pillar Candles for Your 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift or Decor

Gold is the traditional gift for a Fiftieth wedding anniversary.  Be sure to get some gold pillar candles for your 50th Anniversary celebration decor. They also make a fabulous 50th anniversary gift. 


Silver Pillar Candles

Silver is a cool color and whilst it symbolizes riches, it doesn’t have the warmth of gold. Silver pillar candles are popular in modern minimalist themes because they add a sense of wealth and riches in a simple sleek manner. 

Used with dark blue or even burgundy a silver pillar candle can give an elegantly rich impression. A silver pillar candle with turquoise accents makes a stunningly unique Christmas display.


Silver Pillar Candles for Your 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift or Decor

 Silver is the traditional Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary gift . Be sure to get some Silver pillar candles for your 25th Anniversary celebration décor. They also make a fabulous 25th anniversary gift.



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