Bayberry Christmas Candle Centerpieces

Bayberry Christmas Candle Centerpieces

Real bayberry wax comes from a shrub or tree also known as myrtle, waxberry or candleberry.  The berries when boiled in water produce myrtle wax.  This is used in making bayberry candles, which are fragrant, more brittle than beeswax candles and are almost smokeless.  It takes lots of berries to make the wax - about 4 pounds of berries for 1 pound of wax.

Bayberry candles were used in American Colonial times when tallow (which was used to make candles) was too expensive and hard to get.

Today some use them because of the history and tradition.  Some believe they bring good luck  when burnt Christmas eve.  Others use them because they love the delightful crisp natural scent of the bayberry.  Bayberry candles are somtimes hard to find and they are more expensive than other candles.  Most "bayberry candles" on the market are other waxes with artificial bayberry fragrance added.  Bayberry wax has a greenish color and its own natural scent.  There is nothng like real bayberry candle if you can get them. 

Here are a few bayberry candle centerpieces melding traditional and contemporary themes.  They are easy for you to make and look really professional.  

Bayberry Candle Centerpiece Using a Wide Bowl Cylinder  Bayberry Taper Candle Table Centerpiece  Delicate Bayberry Candle Centerpiece with Bling!

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