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Candlelight Solutions, Home Decorating Ideas and Ideas to Make Table Centerpieces.

Candleholders for cheap centerpieces, candle centerpieces, wedding centerpiece ideas? Wedding candles, hurricane candle holders, cylinder vases, clear glass vases, tall vases for wedding table centerpieces, fall wedding centerpieces, christmas table decorations and christmas centerpieces.

Cheap scented candles? Scented candles, unscented candles, wedding Candles, church candles, discount candles, votive candles, pillars candles, taper candles.

Candleholders, Candles & Ideas to Make Candle Centerpieces, Cheap Centerpieces.

You can make cheap centerpieces easily! For great inexpensive centerpieces, do it yourself! Buy candle centerpieces easy to assemble.  We have loads of table centerpiece ideas for stunning centerpieces using hurricane candle holders, cylinder vases, clear glass vases, tall vases, discounted scented candles, glass candleholders, discount tall glass vases, candle rings, floral sprays and decor accents.  Ideas for inexpensive centerpieces you can make using inexpensive products from our website and from your home or garden.  All of these are easy table centerpieces and candle centerpieces for you to follow and reproduce.

We have table centerpieces and candlelight solutions for all seasons and events in the year.

fall candle centerpiece with flowers orange pansy wasp hurricane vase centerpiece red floral candle table centerpiece for christmas decorations red candle and hollyberry Christmas table centerpiece double layer
Spring table candle table centerpiece Squirrel makes a beaut Spring table centerpiece Yellow summer table centerpiece pink cap flowers in bubble glass vase with electric candle

Candleholders & Candles to Make Candle Centerpieces !

You will find table centerpieces made from all sorts of decorative products..... intensely scented candles, unscented candles, votive candles, cheap pillar candles, tealight candles, flowers, mason jars, hurricane candleholders, glass cylinders, cheap vases, wooden candle holders, pine trees, candle rings, wreaths, garlands, door swags, electric oil warmers, battery operated candles and heaps more!


It takes a few Simple Table Decorations to make Stunning Centerpieces.

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Tall Vases, Tall GlassVase Candleholders for Flowers or Candle Centerpieces 


 Tall Vases! Need a tall candle holder? Need a tall glass vase?  We have a great selection of tall glass vases that work perfectly as a candleholder for your delight!

Clear glass vases, tall glass vases, clear glass candle holders, hurricane candle holders, colored glass vases, colored glass candleholders, wall vases, wall candleholders,  tall cylinder vases, tall cylinder candleholders, round and square cylinder vases, round and sqaure candleholders perfect for modern floral arrangements and striking table centerpieces. 

Tall vases and tall candleholders in clear glass, crackle glass, bubble glass, cut glass, ripple glass and more!

Tall vases and tall candleholders in a range of sizes. 6 inch tall vases to 20 inch tall vases.

These tall glass vases that double as candleholders make fabulous Christmas gifts.

Many of our customers use these fabulous tall glass vases candleholders in wedding centerieces displays but they are just gorgeous when you make a table centerpiece in your home.

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Hurricane Candle Holders for Candle Centerpieces



8 inch Hurricane cylinder glass

 14 inch hurricane cylinder glass  pedestal hurricane candleholder vase  tall glass vase chimney lantern
 Flare top hurricane candleholder vase  Beautifully shaped tall glass vase  glass bottle wasp hurricane candle holder  glass bottle wasp hurricane candle holder with dots

Whether you want  hurricane candle holders, tall glass vases, a hurricane vase for flowers or a hurricane cylinder candleholder for your hurricane lantern we have heaps to choose from. 

The hurricane lantern originally was a basically a lamp with a glass chimney which served to protect the flame from the wind.

By placing a candle inside a glass vase/glass candleholder we now have a much wider definition of a hurricane lantern.  We have hurricane candleholder lanterns. Any item that protects the flame and allows light to shine thru can be classed as a hurricane lantern.  Thus many of our glass candleholders fit the description hurricane lantern.

Hurricane candle holders now include curved glass candle holder vases thru to straight glass cylinder vase hurricanes. Tall glass cylinder candlehodlers are very popular.

You'll find some fabulous modern tealight cylinder hurricane candle holders vases and more quaint old fashioned wasp trap glass candle holders.

You can make fabulous candle centerpieces with these hurricane candle holders.

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Lanterns Candle Holders Make Great Candle Centerpieces

  Cream metal lantern candle to make table centerpieces candle lantern to make candle lantern centerpieces Brown candle lantern
  Lighthouse lantern candle hand punched tin candle lantern Christmas Rusty tin candle lantern

Candle lanterns of all types whatever your decor. 

White Metal candle lanterns candleholders perfect for weddings and shabby chique themes. Even some pink and light shaded cande lanterns.

Asian Lantern candle holders both metal and bamboo. 

For those who like rustic themes some fabulous rusty tin lantern candle holders.

Beautiful glass lantern candle holders for fabulous candle centerpieces.   

Traditional lanterns to modern candle lanterns.  All types of lantern candleholders

Lanterns candle holders for the kitchen, the foyer and the garden. Candle lantern holders for the table, the wall or for your favourite centerpiece.

Be sure to check out our Lanterns candle centerpieces!

Lantern Candle holders to suit many styles, themes and decors

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Cheap Candles for Candle Centerpieces

Cheap Taper Candles Cheap candles tealights Cheap candles for vigils Cheap candles votives
Cheap Candles Gel Sunflower Fragrance Soy jar candles are great value Cheap Jar and Tin Candles Cheap Candles Pillars
Cheap LED Candles Cheap battery candles Cheap candles battery pillars Cheap Electric Candles


Cheap candle tapers, Cheap Tealight Candles, Cheap tiny tapers for vigils and carols by candlelight,  Cheap votives for weddings, events,  restaurants and vigils.

Cheap Gel Candles. Cheap Soy candles that are the best value for money and have the most gorgeous scents.  Cheap Tin Candles that are great for travelling.  Cheap pillar candles for seasonal and everyday decorating.

Cheap Battery candles for Christmas displays and carols by candlelight. Cheap LED Tealights candles, Cheap battery votive candles, Cheap battery Pillar candles and cheap electric candles for great window displays.


Many of our candles are cheap every day but every month we have big specials on up to 6 different scented candles.  Sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive our latest discounts, promotions and specials and get a free ebook “Make Sense Of Scents” and you’ll know when your favorite scented candle is on sale!

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Votive Candle Holders to Make Votive Candle Centerpieces

Colored votive stem sets for votive table centerpieces Votive Stem Set for Votive Table Centerpieces Red Votive holders to make Christmas votive centerpieces 3 piece votive stem set to make votive centerpieces
Amber Votive holders for votive table centerpieces Gold Edge Votive for Votive Table Centerpieces Red and Silver Votive Candleholder to make votive centerpieces Poinsettia votive holders to make votive centerpieces
Snowman votive holders to make Votive centerpieces Square votive holders to make votive candle centerpieces Crystal style glass votive peg Red Votive for votive table centerpieces

Numerous Votive Candle holders to make votive candle centerpieces which are really popular for wedding centerpieces  and Christmas table centerpieces.

The most popular votive for votive candle centerpieces are the stem votive holders which come as clear glass votive holders
and a range of colored and decorative votive holders.  Red Christmas votive holders for Christmas votive candle centerpieces.

Votive cups and square votive holders are hugely popular for both wedding and home decor.

Votive pegs are great for chandeliers or to convert taper holders to votive holders for a votive candle centerpiece.

If you need some height in your votive candle centerpiece check out the candelabra for votives

We also have a range of candle votives to suit your votive holder.

Be sure to check out the candle rings, candleholders, wreaths and table centerpieces section for ideas to create your votive candle centerpiece.

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Add Pizazz to Your Candle Centerpieces with

Decor Botanicals, Potpourri, and Other Decorative Items


Brown balls decorative Green moss ball grey decorative balls red vine ball
Faux red apple Apple green babu white amra pods Red Arjun decorative pods
Orange Decorative Crushed Glass Green Decorative Crushed Glass Purple Decorative Crushed Glass Red Decorative Crushed Glass
white decorative balls clear glass balls decorative blue balls glass decorative

red balls

Decorative balls all kinds of colors and mediums. Moss balls, vines balls, ceramic balls, metal balls, glass balls and more.  All you need to add to your candleholders make fabulous candle table centerpieces.

Fragrant botanical potpourri in a range of seasonal scents.  Shown here are some prepared bags of layered botanicals ready for your table centerpieces. Simply pour into a candleholder vase, a 2 piece hurricane candleholder or a bowl candle holder.  Our 2 piece candleholders are perfect for displaying your botancials yet keeping them separate from the candle flame.  By using our battery operated candles you can use these botancials in any arrangement with one of our vase candleholders.

Seed pods, dried flowers, dried fruit slices, dried nuts, cinnamon sticks, pine cones and berries. Botanical decor accents in loads of decorative and seasonal colors.

Decorative Crushed Glass in several colors.  These are fabulous to stabilize candles and to add decorative accents to  tall cylinder candleholders and hurricane vase centerpieces.

Faux artificial fruit and berries and dried real colored berries and pods.  Loads of decorative items in fabulous textures, shapes, sizes and colors.  Make designer style table centerpieces with these fabulous decorative accents and a simple candleholder vase.

Glass balls, crushed decorative glass, decorative ice chips, pebbles, stones, metal and vine balls.  Too many too mention.  Check out our decor accents category for more decorative items like these.  Decor accents can turn your candleholder vase into a masterpiece you'll adore.

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Have a candlelight wedding of your dreams!

We have a beautiful range of wedding candles and wedding candleholders for your candlelight wedding.

Church Candles, Unity Wedding Candles, Wedding Votives and Votive holders, Wedding Jar Candles, Wedding Pillar Candles, Wedding Taper Candles and Unique Wedding Favor Candles.

With our bulk wedding candles and bulk candleholders you can have Wedding Reception Candles on a Budget and still have a Fairy Tale Wedding! Sign up to receive our latest promotions and specials and get a free ebook “Make Sense Of Scents” and you’ll discover some fabulous ways to relax on your wedding day!

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Scented Candle Jars Make Great Scented Candle Gifts

Scented candles add quality to your life. Richly scented candles come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Scented Candle Jars, Scented Candle Gifts, Scented Candle Votives, Scented Pillar Candles, Scented Chunk Pillar Candles, Gourmet Scented Candles, Scented Tealights. For the environmentally conscious, we have a beautiful range of 100% highly scented soy candles that are clean burning and long lasting….and our new arrivals ..scented soy pillars!

Get Your Discount Scented Candles and discount candleholders today and make your house a home!

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Ornamental Tealight Candleholders

Tealight candle holders are small candleholders with big impact. And they come is as many designs as you have ideas!

Whether you want an ornamental tealight holder, a simple glass tealight holder, beaded t-lite holder or fabulous tealight candle lamps, we can help you. We have a great range of candle lamp shades, bases and adapters so you can make your own unique tealight or votive candle lamp as well.

Don’t forget the tealight candles for your tealight holder. Buy unscented or scented tealights in bulk today and save!

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Scented Oil Warmers and Oil Burner Oils

For those who prefer burning essential oils and fragrance, we have a beautiful range of both scented oil warmers and oil burner oils in a range of styles and colors.

Essential oils can have a therapeutic effect on health and both essential oils and fragrances can have an emotive effect affecting emotional learning and memory.

Sign up to receive our latest promotions and specials and get a free ebook “Make Sense Of Scents” and you’ll learn how to grow fond family memories with essential oils and fragrances!

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Christmas Wreaths, Garlands, Candles and Christmas Decorations

First up, For the holiday season, all your decorating needs. Christmas candles, Christmas candleholders, Christmas wreaths, Christmas garlands and more.

You can create a memorable and fun Christmas with a little or a lot. Remember! Scented candles can grow and evoke memories!

Christmas wreaths:- Artificial Christmas wreaths in a whole range of styles and christmas colors with Christmas candle rings and Christmas garlands to match.

Christmas candles:- red taper candles, red christmas pillar candles, Green christmas pillar candles, gold pillar candles, silver pillar candles, bayberry taper candles.

Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree, Christmas village lights, christmas table ornaments and christmas candleholders for that special touch.

Loads of Santas , snowmen and angels and Christmas lights.

Take some time to look around.  There are heaps of Christmas decorating ideas to find.

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Unique gifts and candles in bulk for your wedding

For your wedding, glorious jar wedding candles and unity wedding candles. Looking for unique wedding favors? You have a huge range of unique themed favors, favors for the bridal shower, and favors for the wedding reception guests.  Candle favors are the most popular.  If you want a fairy tale themed wedding we have fabulous crowns and carriages and gorgeous candlelight options.  For the lovers of all things whimsical there are cute favors that will give you and you guests a giggle. Giving a practical keepsake gift is a way of ensuring your guests remember your wedding for many days to come. You will find loads of keepsake favors and many more fabulous wedding favor ideas.  Be sure to see the bargains in our Restaurant and Event bulk candle supplies category. 

Unique discount candle gifts and discounted scented candles for your home

Save electricity and create ambience! Our votive long burning candles will be at home in one of our wall votive candleholders just perfect for your home décor.  Our discounted scented candles make perfect holiday candle gifts.

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Unique gifts and candles for you!

Spoil yourself! You deserve it! Give yourself the perfect holiday candle gift.  Our bayberry candles and tree scented candles are alluring holiday fragranced candles that will make memories that last a lifetime.  Our discounted Scented candles for home use are just divine. Try some strawberry scented votive candles and be delighted!  Loads of scented candles to try.  Spark some romance with our gourmet massage candles. Ooh La La!  You’ll both be coming back for more!

Affordable Gift Baskets and Scented Candle Gifts

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Take the hard work out and send a spectacular yet affordable gift basket.  A great gift when you dont know what gift to get someone who has everything.  Our holiday candle gifts are popular and well sought after items.  Get your discount candle gift  in time for the holiday season!

Make an Informed Purchase 

Find Scented candles, clean burning and long lasting! Discover why a well made highly scented candle can be cheaper than bargain dollar candle. Don't know what type of candle is best? We have candles made from paraffin AND beeswax AND Soy wax And palm wax... and an excellent free article that gives you the pros and cons of each type of candle wax. Learn how to ensure the candle flame you light is safe!

Learn to relax or be envigorated with our candle-lite aromatherapy candles. Find exciting ways to ignite your family with love, with our 100% highly scented soy candles. Discover some secrets to grow lasting memories. Scented candles, clean burning and long lasting are usually made from pure waxes and scents can have an enormous impact on your way of life. Try our highly scented oil soy candles for yourself and you'll want them forever.

Learn about how our sense of smell is linked to the emotional memory center in the brain and how you can use our 100% highly scented soy candles to create memories that can last a lifetime.

Save hundreds of dollars on your wedding. Keep to your budget without sacrificing your dreams. For a fresh romantic ideas for the night of your dreams get wedding candles bowls cheap, a few wedding candle votives and a sprinkling of flower petals or glitter. Our cheap Wedding Votive Candles and frosted white votive candle holders can transform your wedding day into your dream wedding with many more from which to choose.

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Bulk wedding candles - Don't go into unnecessary debt for that special touch.

We have a great range of candleholders. One candle and candleholder cannot be right for all occasions (eg. Unity candles for weddings, red tealight holders wholesale for a valentines day wedding, grave site candle holders,etc) One candle and candleholder doesn't suit all decor, places or seasons. Candles and holders are as varied as our wardrobe and tastes.

Where Candles and their Scents have Significance - Make a memory with a scented candle gift!

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We have some fabulous ideas that will help you Create Meaningful Moments, Make Magical Memories, and Learn to be a Mood Maker.   A scented candle gift is a memory maker!  Our pine tree scented candles or cinnamon bun candles make perfect holiday candle gifts, too. Be sure to sign up for our seasonal newsletters that are jammed packed with relaxing, fun and beautiful ideas to enrich your family life. A discount candle gift can be memorable without breaking your budget!

But we haven't forgotten safety or price!

We have tools that can help you choose a candle that is safe and a value for money rating that will help you choose wisely!

Whether you want to create an atmosphere, enrich your home decor, or add to seasonal fun, Candlelight Solutions has the perfect candle for you.

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